Hi, I'm Samantha McFarlen

I live in Gig Harbor, WA with my husband, our son Rhett and our cattle dog Kato. If you’ve made it this far into my site, you’ve already seen my photos and now you want to know about me. This is my chance to tell you who I am and why you should work with me. This is what you need to know: I love my job so much. I have been in business since February 12, 2012 when I put all my eggs into this basket after dropping out of college when I realized business classes weren’t teaching me how to run a small business and I’d rather just go the trial by fire route.

Not a single day has gone by since then that I haven’t felt so incredibly honored that people would let me into their space to capture some of the most exciting, special and intimate moments of their lives. If you hire me, understand that I do not take it lightly. You are not just another client to me. If you’re a bride, I will most likely cry when you walk down the aisle and when you dance with your dad. I’ll fluff your dress, keep your lipstick in my pocket for you, remind you to drink water throughout the day and hug you at the end of the night. If you’re a mom and have hired me to capture your family, I will help you with your outfit choices because I know coordinating colors for a whole family is not easy. I will chase your kids around to get candid shots while they play, make whatever crazy noises and faces I need to to get them to smile at me and make sure I capture how beautiful you are, too.

I am not the photographer for everyone. My shots aren’t perfectly posed and the majority of my sessions don’t happen on mountaintops. But if you’re looking for someone to tell your story and to freeze moments in time for you so you can look back and remember exactly how that day felt. I’m your girl.


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