Airport Date Night // McKenna + John // PNW Wedding Photographer // Samantha McFarlen

I'm gonna start off with some truth: What you're about to witness may or may not be illegal.

Whew, now that that weight is lifted, I can move on and tell you about this night! We started off the night right (with beers) and ended it even better (on said airport runway). When I say I had fun with these two, it's not just to say it--I HAD FUN WITH THESE TWO!

John told us a hilarious story about road tripping through Oregon for the first time and having someone rush up to the car every time they stopped for gas, and they would get freaked out and just drive off. They later realized that in Oregon there are attendants there to pump your gas for's just how it works! I'm laughing right now just thinking about this!!

Casey and I are SO pumped to go to Richmond, Virginia in October for their wedding